NCM Aspen Plus

NCM Aspen Plus

With a large tire width, the NCM Aspen Plus is a hugely capable e-bike. Developed in Iceland for riding on snow and ice, the Fat bike’s large tire surface area also makes it great for soft terrain, including sand and gravel. This e-bike is designed with a rugged aluminum frame, a strong and rigid handlebar, and a saddle for improved ergonomics and performance. The high-top tube makes the bike sturdy and strong allowing the power you put down to be effectively transferred to the road. Designed for power and performance, there is no mountain you can’t climb.


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  • Top Speed


  • Range

    95 miles

Available colors





768W continuous

Load capacity


  • 6-Level Electric Pedal Assist
  • Disc Brakes
  • 4 Inch, Cst, C1752 All-Terrain Fat Tires
  • Ergonomic Handlebar Grips
  • Designed To Deliver Comfortable Riding Posture
  • Easily Accessible Control Panel
  • Loaded 48V 576Wh Battery For Longer Riding Distances
  • Integrated Battery With Frame For A Sleeker Look
  • Easily Removable & Lockable Battery Allows For Convenient Charging
  • Built-In Usb Port Allows For Phone Charging On The Go

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